​Flu seasons peaks at different times in different places. With that said, natural common cold remedies are hard to find, which means it is imperative to remember that you can still get the flu or the common cold anytime of the year. Fortunately, there are quite a few products out there that can keep you protected from cold and flu by naturally boosting your immune system. As we are heading towards flu season, we have compiled a list of five natural products that can shield you from the debilitating effects of this disease.

1 – Afida Organic Eucalyptus Oil

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Eucalyptus oil has been in medicinal use for more than two centuries and has proven to be an effective remedy for a wide range of diseases that range from asthma, viral infections and various skin issues, to bacterial infections, common cold, flu, and a host of other respiratory conditions. Eucalyptus oil contains several properties that contribute to improving your body’s natural defence mechanisms against viral infections. The Afida Organic Eucalyptus oil offers all these health benefits without causing skin irritation or any other harmful side-effects that are often associated with pharmaceutical products.

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2 – Nature’s Way Cayenne and Pepper Capsules

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Cayenne and Pepper capsules clear the congestions that are caused by cold or flu by breaking and quickly getting the congested mucus out of your body. Thanks to this organic remedy, you can expect to get rid of one of the most nagging symptoms of the cold in an easy and quick manner and without the need for strong medication. Each capsule of Nature’s way has a consistent potency of 40,000 hu (heat units) which is more than enough to clear your cold in a matter of days.


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3 – Kyolic Formula 100 Aged Garlic Extract Original Cardiovascular Tablets

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Free of sodium and yeast, the natural formula of this product is based on aged garlic extract. Garlic, especially when aged, has the capacity to get rid of the infectious bacteria and viruses that embed themselves to our bodies on a daily basis. Unlike most garlic-based remedies, the tablets do not emit any foul odor.

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4.  Echinacea Liquid Formula

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natural common cold remedies

The formula provides users relief from flu and cold by naturally enhancing the body’s ability to combat the viruses that are responsible for the symptoms. More importantly, the product contains no alcohol, gluten, or sugar. Each ml has around has bountiful amounts of Echinacea, which is a wildflower herb well-known for its antibiotic attributes that help prevent infections. Since it is available in liquid form, the body is able to absorb it pretty quickly. Moreover, it dissolves well in water or juice.

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