How To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

A bright smile can be a really effective way when it comes to leaving a good first impression on anyone you meet. However, maintaining that smile is not always an easy process. Your teeth are frequently exposed to a number of elements that erode them and contribute to reducing their shine. This is further exacerbated by questionable lifestyle choices such as binge drinking, smoking, and heavy consumption of processed foods that stain the teeth. Fortunately, there are several natural ways that can help you get the smile that you deserve. Here’s a brief look at seven way to naturally whiten your teeth.


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Charcoal has long been lauded for its ability to whiten the teeth. This powder from Aimnaturals makes full use of this quality and features a high-quality extract from FDA-approved activated coconut charcoal. One of the biggest selling points of this product is the fact that it is entirely organic and is free of any harmful additives or artificial flavors. Furthermore, it comes with a bamboo brush that was specifically designed to aid in applying the powder which is why it is great to naturally whiten your teeth.

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2- Botanical gels

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One of the products that have emerged as an effective solution to naturally whiten your teeth in recent years is botanical gels. They are usually made from natural ingredients that can whiten your teeth without causing the enamel damage that is associated with expensive medical procedures. A perfect example of a good botanical gel is the vegan teeth withering kit from Cali White. This effective gel is a top teeth whitening hacks as it combines the properties of baking soda with cranberry seed Oil to create a potent teeth whitener that is completely organic and free of any artificial additives. Additionally, its unique mix of Aloe Vera and chamomile is ideal for sensitive teeth and helps maintain the health of your gums.

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3-Natural toothbrushes

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Natural toothbrushes can effectively replace both toothpaste and regular toothbrushes. They feature a number of antibacterial elements that can improve the health of your gums and make your teeth several shades whiter within a short span of time. This natural toothbrush from Al Khair is one of the top options on the market and is an ideal choice if you want an affordable solution to naturally whiten your teeth . It is equipped with 24 pieces of Miswak sticks from the Arak tree and provides several benefits that include getting rid of bad breath, killing germs, and preventing oral diseases.
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4-Apple cider vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid, a component that is effective when it comes to killing bacteria and disinfecting the mouth. Due to its strength, it should be diluted with water in order to prevent enamel damage, thus being one of the top teeth whitening hacks.


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5-Fruit-rich diet

While there is no substitute for properly brushing your teeth, some studies have shown that eating a lot of fruits can help improve the health of your teeth. Fruits that are rich in malic acid such as strawberries are especially recommended.


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A troubling number of people seem to ignore the importance of flossing, which is why it is one of our top teeth whitening hacks. Neglecting to do this important hygiene practice can result in plaque build-up, which ultimately leads to the dreaded tooth discoloration.

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7-Hydrogen peroxide

While there aren’t any conclusive studies that prove the effects of brushing with hydrogen peroxide, some anecdotal evidence seems to attest to the effectiveness of this substance as a tooth whitener. To stay on the side of safety, make sure to dilute it with some water.