Maintaining a healthy balance of PH level is really essential for our body to function properly, but what happens today most of our intake items are full of acidic contents, that are ruining this balance and cause the development of many health diseases and mental issues.

The moment your body turns overly acidic, it becomes more prone to toxic accumulation, inflammation, and the immune system declines.

Therefore, you should consume both, acidic and alkaline foods, for the purpose of regulating the pH balance in the system, and prevent diseases and health issues.

So, Here is the list of the most beneficial alkaline and acidic foods you should consume in order to bring back the healthy PH level:


All kind of nuts especially almonds is rich with nutrients and essential fatty acids, that they should be a part of your diet. They’re alkaline in nature and will improve your overall health, promote brain function, enhance the quality of your skin and hair, stimulate weight loss, boost your muscle mass, and more importantly lower your cholesterol levels.


The cucumbers hold strong diuretic properties and are also able to cleanse your body from stored toxins and hydrate it at the same time. The cucumber juice helps you get rid of the excess uric acid, therefore blocking from acid crystallization.


Basil – the herbal king when it comes to nutrient content. Loaded with calcium, omega 3 fatty acids, iron, vitamin C, and vitamin K. It detoxifies your body, helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones, and decreases acid levels.

Plum Tomato

Plum tomatoes are effective to reduce the rate of urinary tract infections, as well as bladder cancer. As plum tomatoes are high in water content, that can help in stimulating the urination process, so you can say tomatoes are a diuretic in certain ways. This increases the removal of acid content from the body.


Cabbage has the property to alkalizes your body on a cellular level. In addition, also supports our immune and digestive systems.  This is due to the high presence of magnesium, folate, and fiber. Cabbage is one of the key ingredients in most contemporary weight loss diet plans.


The cantaloupes are rich in beta-carotene, vitamin B, water, and phytochemicals which makes them able to stimulate the production of white cells, rid of excess acid, boost our immune system,  alkalize your body and detox it at the same time.


Lemons are very beneficial for your digestive system. They help in promoting good pH balance and purify your system inside out. You can use lemons to boost healthy weight loss in no time. The best thing about lemons is that they are acidic in taste but alkaline in nature which indicates they increase alkalinity in your body.


This fruit is also a member of the citrus family, and it contains a very small amount of sugar. Hence it is alkalizing your body, boosts your metabolism and prevent you from fat accumulating.

Key limes

Key limes – one of the richest sources of vitamin C. they help you detoxify your body, clean the urinary tract from acids and bacteria, and promote healthy functioning.

Wrap Up:

Consuming alkaline rich foods will help boost your energy levels, strengthen immunity,  improve the mental focus, and significantly improve your overall health.

Additionally, they give your skin a healthy glow by removing all toxins from the body and increase energy levels. They also have the power to treat acid reflux, improve sleep, and lower the risk of osteoporosis.