Do you want to eat healthy? But have no idea how to start? How about starting your new healthy diet routine by some healthy weight loss snacks? Most of the commercial snacks contain artificial colors, high level of sodium, and some unhealthy preservatives. At the moment when you came across healthy snacks, they are so expensive that you always drop them from the list.

But, now you can prepare your own weight loss snacks, and you’ll be sure what does in. You can make snacks based on seasonal fruits and veggies, that goes more affordable and you assured fresh food intake. With little creativity and a bit of drive, along with a healthy weight loss snack list well, you can make some strides in the right direction.

Are you with me?

Well, here are the 9 delicious and healthy snacks;

Snack #1 – Three Bean Chaat

All you need to do is toss up any kidney beans, green beans, and chickpeas, and garnish with a light dressing of chaat masala, olive oil, and lemon juice.

Get the Recipe From  – Food

Snack #2 – Yoghurt with nuts and berries

Younger adds a sprinkle of nuts to the protein-rich skillet for several heart-healthy fats. A tiny few berries or another chopped fruit will add texture and sweetness, also filling fiber. It might sound basic, but it’s really a traditional snack for a reason.

You will fall in love with these delicious sweet potato cheese melts, due to low fat and filling properties of sweet potato makes you feel full. It’s an ideal snack to shed extra pounds.

Get the recipe –  BBC Good Food

Snack #3 – Sweet Potato with cheeze

Simple to make all you have to make sure you wash them properly, and rap them in the aluminum foil and place them in the oven.  In the end garnish it with low-fat cheese, and enjoy your evening snack!

Get the full recipe from – Delish

Snack #4 –  Yogurt Popsicles

Do you want a perfect breakfast treat? Well, these popsicles are ideal as post-workout snacks. Made with completely natural ingredients where each piece contains less than 99 calories, which make it a perfect snack for any kind of weight loss plan.

Get the recipe from  – I Heart naptime

Snack #5 – Elaichi Granola Bar

An energy bar made from cardamom, walnuts, raisins, oats, and sweetened with honey and brown sugar. High with fiber and protein, you must try this!

The full recipe is available at – NDTV FOOD

Snack #6 – Strawberry Banana Smoothie

This yummy smoothie is loaded with all the essential nutrients, apart from that, you will be reaping the advantage of raw and fresh fruits with every bowl.  Are you ready to prepare this supercilious snack?

Get the Recipe from – Bakerita

Snack #7 – Lemon Avocado Cake

You do not need any butter or oil to bake this moist cake. The avocado – having its healthy fats – imparts the richness in this delicious and wholesome cuisine. Plus, you just need 5 ingredients to make it, therefore be sure to try it soon.

Here is the recipe – Naivecook Cooks

Snack #8  – Peanut butter Banana Roll

If you are in a hurry and hungry at the same time, then this peanut fix is the perfect choice for you to take a snake with you and enjoy while traveling.

Here is the recipe – Ready set Eat

Snack #9  – Grilled Dragon Fruit

This cool grilled dragon fruit recipe will help you make sure you’re ingesting a mixture of different fruits that help to keep your overall health and increase your energy levels.

Get the full recipe – Friedas