Nobody likes being sick. With the flu season right around the corner, viruses are in air. There are numerous antibiotics and other types of drugs that help fight against bacteria, and fungi. However, there is a very limited supply of those that help fight against viruses.

Viruses are nasty little buggers that are extremely difficult treat. Many of them have no known treatments. Some of the worst diseases and infections known to man are caused by viruses, from aids to cancer and even the swine flu.

By the end of this blog, you will know
– How viruses enter your body
– The Greatest solution for combating viruses

How A Virus Invades Your Body

Viruses and bacteria both enter your body through different ways. These tiny germs are made of genetic material inside of a protein coating.
Imagine it like this, they are the hijackers of your body. They invade your living cells, and begin to multiply and produce other viruses like them.

Viruses enter your body through any opening. Most often, through your nose and mouth.
They then begin to attach to the outside of the cell it is infected, also known as a host cell. It then begins to work like a copy machine, making identical viruses from the host cell’s protein. From this, they destroy the cell and begin attacking new host cells.
This process continues and continues until the body developed enough antibodies.

For the most part, you body has its own defense protocols. The defense to help defeat the viral invaders are called antibodies. They are essentially proteins made by your bodies immune system. It targets that specific germ and goes full force to break it down.

How do you get rid of viruses?

The answer: Not Antibiotics.

Viruses inject their genetic material into the humans cells DNA in order to reproduce. Antibiotics cannot kill viruses, the reason for this is because they have different structural mechanisms to survive and replicate.

In other words, the antibiotic has no real target to attack a virus.

The Real Solution?


What is colostrum?

Nature’s most powerful super-food.

Yes, it is essentially the first milk that is produced in mammal mothers. It is used to help with:

Colon problems
Weight loss
Gut health
Bone health
Joint pains
Balancing hormones
Sinus & Mouth
And a whole lot more.

Colostrum is the babies first food, it has all the nutrients the infant needs to grow healthy throughout every part of their body.

With no known side effects, this pre-milk reigns supreme to any other supplement and cold and flu medicine.

Colostrum For Viruses

Colostrum boosts your immune system. By safe guarding the guts surface, they are on the look out for bugs, pathogens and viruses.
It inhibits and prevents the attachment of the bacteria and viruses to the bodies surface tissues. Without a way to connect the viruses cannot multiply.

This happens through it containing the most powerful natural anti-microbial and antiviral called, lactoferrin.

Antibiotics and other medicines wipe out your good bacteria. With all your good guys gone, the viruses and bad bacteria bore holes into the gut lining (aka leaky gut), which is the BIRTH OF AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS.

This is where colostrum comes and saves the day, it contains insulin-like growth factors (IGF 1,2) which helps heal the stomach, gut and gastrointestinal damage that was caused by those pesky pathogens and viruses.

Overall, helping you boost your immune system.

The Natural Solution: Viralox

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Viralox has been clinically proven to be effective against herpes, influenza, hepatitis c, human papilloma rotavirus, respiratory viruses, epstein barr, common cold, flu, bacteria, yeast, fungi.

It’s main ingredient?
Highest quality colostrum-LD.

With no pills or bad tasting liquid to swallow.
By spraying it on the back of your throat, Viralox is absorbed to your blood stream with ease. Containing colostrum, Viralox is your natural solution to boosting your immune system.

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