The term yoga refers to a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices whose origins go back thousands of years in ancient India. Initially an integral part of the Hindu religion, Yoga has spread all over the world and its numerous physical and mental benefits have made it a crucial element in the quest for good health and a sound mind. Over the past few decades, this practice has become a favorite among top celebrities and has enjoyed a strong endorsement from some of the most established names in show business. The illustrious list of celebrities who swear by yoga includes figures such as soccer superstar David Beckham, actress Jessica Biel, and comedian Russell Brand. Here are the yoga steps for beginners.

The benefits of yoga

The sheer number of benefits that are provided by the regular practice of yoga is simply impressive. Besides the obvious increase in flexibility, yoga is proven to increase the overall strength of the muscles and some studies have even suggested that it has the ability to improve heart health. Furthermore, yoga can be an effective solution for posture problems and plays an active role in preventing a wide array of cartilage and joint problems.

Your yoga steps for beginners

Like any new undertaking, starting yoga might seem like a daunting task at first glance. After all, some of the advanced moves might appear impossible to perform for a beginner and it is natural to wonder if yoga is really a right fit for you or not. But rest assured, you don’t actually need any prerequisites for your first class. To get started, here are the main variables that you need to be aware of.

The clothing

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You don’t have to overcomplicate this step because these are the first few yoga steps for beginners. Just go with the regular yoga pants that everybody uses. We strongly recommend getting the Power Flex Yoga Pants from Queenie Ke. They are made from premium nylon and are extremely comfortable. The design is quite sleek and includes an elastic and adjustable waistband that ensures a comfortable fit. Besides yoga, they are suited for a wide range of activities ranging from dancing and fitness training to running and daily wear.


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The mat

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The quality of the mat is one of the factors that will determine the quality of your yoga experience. Needless to say, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. The Reehut yoga mat should be at the top of your to-get list since due to the fact that it boasts all the attributes that we like to see in a good yoga mat. It is made from durable materials that give it the ability to withstand prolonged and rough use and is versatile enough to be used for various activities beyond yoga which is why it is one of the great yoga steps for beginners.


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Yoga blocks

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This is a necessary tool for beginners. These blocks facilitate some of the yoga poses that most novice practitioners are unable to perform. If you are just starting out, consider getting this set. It is made from high-density enough and has a robust structure that allows it to remain stable regardless of weight or pressure. Moreover, these blocks have a soft surface that provides you with an easy and secure grip.

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Yoga straps

Image result for ProSource Metal D-Ring Yoga Strap

This is another tool that serves as training wheels and yoga steps for beginners. Yoga straps allow you to hold difficult poses for extended periods of time without feeling any pain or discomfort. The ProSource Metal D-Ring Yoga Strap is a tremendous option due to its immense durability and the sturdiness of its buckle. It allows you to stretch with ease and comfort which makes it a necessary part of any beginner’s yoga kit.

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