The lack of collagen in our bodies can lead to many health concerns. Let that sink for a moment. Why? Because collagen is a structural protein which accounts for 30% of cells in our body and its deficiency can become a cause of serious issues.

But what does collagen actually do?

Collagen is a structural protein present in our body that connects skins to others parts of the body. However, actively there are 20 different types of collagen present in humans bodies so believe me when I say that the lack of this structural protein in our body can be a cause of concern.

Some collagen types are essential for the health of internal organs while some are accountable for the smoothness of your skin. But why do we all of a sudden start to lose our collagen levels – considering the importance it has in a human body and it’s vitalness to survival.

Well, there can be many reasons behind the deficiency of collagen in our body. The most common of these reasons is ageing and as our bodies age, we start to lose the smoothness of our skin with wrinkles showing up – this is because the collagen in our body starts to deteriorate.

What signs you should look for to assess if you are starting to lose collagen levels in your body?

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Joint Pain

Collagen is essential to the functionality of our joints and as it deteriorates, it becomes a cause of minimising the flaccidity and causing an increase in friction which in returns becomes the root cause of joint pain – and possibly lead to arthritis.
Aching Muscles

As I mentioned earlier, collagen is vital to most of our body parts. In this case, its responsible for binding muscles to bones and ligaments. So as collagen fibre weakens it also affects the structural integrity of those binds which is responsible for aching muscles.

Blood Pressure Problems

Blood travels through vessels all over our body. As collagen levels are reduced, it weakens the walls of these blood vessels which are made of collagen making it hard for your body to regulate blood flow. This becomes a cause of fatigue, dizziness, headaches



One of the most common signs of ageing is that our skin starts to wrinkle. This is because when the collagen levels start to reduce this cause the skin to lose some of its structure and hence wrinkles are formed.

The decrease in collagen levels can be a cause of serious issues as we age. However, there are things that you can do to reverse these effects. You can try taking massages which are known to stimulate collagen production while you can also try taking a healthy amount of fat which can lead to an increase in collagen production. While taking collagen supplements is also a viable solution.

However, knowing which supplement to take and knowing how much to take is also very important. An access amount of collagen in our body can become a cause of hypertension and heart attacks.

So which supplement is the best?

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Alright, you can find many collagen supplements that are claiming to be the MIRACLE cure for all your problems. However, in my experience, I have seen that most of them have one or two side effects or are lacking the essential ingredients required for the overall well being of a human body.

After searching and searching, there is one product that I really liked which was the Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate.  I found this product to have all the necessary ingredients required for the overall well being of the human body as it is a pure protein dietary supplement which has a unique combination of amino acids.

Not only does it have all the necessary ingredients needed by your body which are absent from most common diets these days, it’s also very easy to digest and can be taken with any hot or cold beverage.

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