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Dreaming about clear skin is really a brave dream to have in today’s world. Our skin is exposed to all sorts of different chemicals and other pollutants in our everyday environment that it’s really difficult to have clear and fair skin. Such is the calamity of it that having clear skin days are cherished as a blessing.

Everybody has skin troubles and acne has become an increasing problem over recent years. But what causes your skin to have such outbreaks? How can you limit it or completely rid your skin of these problems?

Why Do You Get Acne?

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There is a multitude of reasons which can cause pimples, acne outbreaks at any age. However, teenage years are most prone to such outbreaks because of the hormonal changes going on in our bodies because of puberty.

But is that it? Is puberty the reason behind all of these skin issues? The answer is no. Every day our skin gets exposed to a lot of pollution from our surroundings, from the different things we do which can include the makeup products we use.

How can makeup be the cause of acne?

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Although there are a lot of misconceptions about makeup products and their involvement as being the reason for skin issues. Let me take a moment to clear them up. Although makeup products are not meant to be harmful, however, foundations and other products used in access can cause acne and skin problems.

Other reasons for acne and skin problems may include dietary choices, pollution.

So how do you counter all these issues out?

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By cleansing your face and washing your face like all the time? From a certain angle this may look like a viable solution but is it really? Washing your face too many times with different cleansing products can also be a cause for more skin problems. You may also start looking for different products that have a high amount of salicylic acid and other non-comedogenic acids.

All of this seems too much of a hassle? To be fair, taking care of your skin is going to need some work at your end if you want to have clear and fair skin. However, there is a way that can solve your problems and miraculously make your skin much better.

What am I talking about?

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If it could be summed up, it would just be two words, Aloe Vera. There are a variety of skin benefits that can be obtained from the Aloe Vera plant and one of these benefits includes treatment of acne.

Gel extracted from the Aloe Vera plant contains two hormones, Auxin and Gibberellins. Both these hormones are responsible for reducing skin inflammation and stimulating new cell growth. The whole science involves around allowing your skin to naturally heal faster with minimum scarring.

But where do you get Aloe Vera gel?

There are many different forms of Aloe Vera gel available easily these days. But are all of them equally good? A fair answer would be no because different brands have different extraction processes.

One product that I feel has helped me overcome all my skin problems is the Aloe Vera Gel by Amara Organics which is 100% organic and is known to leave your skin silky and smooth with no outbreaks being caused.