It’s 3:00 a.m. and you can’t sleep because your buddy or worse, your life partner is snoring.

Or you might be reading this because you are keeping your loved ones awake all night!.

Snoring is one of the most annoying sounds in the world, there is an old joke that a busy airport is quieter than a room with someone snoring.

Here Is How to Stop Snoring

Yeah, its that bad but here’s the thing. It’s not our fault and here’s why.

Snoring is natural. It’s involuntary.

You can kick someone awake and ask them to stop snoring but they can’t.

They will die if they could and here’s why.

When we go to sleep, our body relaxes.

This includes the muscles in back of our throat and neck and when they relax.

Now, the airways narrow, decreasing the space available.

Because of that, air now can’t move freely through your nose and throat, it has to force its way out.

That causes the soft throat and nasal tissues to flop around and vibrate.

However, it’s not ALWAYS the tissue.

Sometimes it’s the tongue, soft palate, uvulva or other parts which produces the rumble that can drive people crazy.

Now, that’s the biology talking but why do some people snore while others don’t.

Here are a few reason why:

  • You might have too much tissue in the throat and nasal areas
  • Bad posture during sleeping which restricts airways
  • Alcohol or tobacco consumption which might cause tongue to obstruct the airway
  • Swollen neck tissue which often happens during pregnancy

Now that we have some background, let’s cut to the chase and ask the important question.

How can you, or someone you know, stop snoring.

Let’s take a look at 3 things that can help you from being nasally repetitive!

Exercises To Stop Snoring

It’s easy. Here are simple exercises that can help you put a stop to snoring once and for all.

These are very easy and are designed to strengthen your throat muscles.

The best part is that this is probably the easiest workout you have ever done!

Anti-Snoring Exercise # 1

Step # 1 – Push the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

Step # 2 – Roll back your tongue slowly backways

Step # 3 – Bring your tongue back to original position


Anti-Snoring Exercise # 2

Have you ever make that clicking noise with the mouse? Like, clip, clop of the horse?

That’s the gist of this exercise.

Step # 1 – Stick your entire tongue to the roof of your mouth

Step # 2 – Really suck on that hard palate

Step # 3 – And release with a clop sound.

You will need to repeat that 20 times!

Anti-Snoring Exercise #3


This one is pretty similar to exercise # 1

Step 1#  – Push the bottom of your tongue against the floor of your mouth

Step # 2 – Then drive your tongue forward until it’s pushed against the teeth

You will need to do this one 20 times as well!

Some Lifestyle Changes

Now, if you or your loved one want to get rid of snoring, we do have a few lifestyle suggestions that can help you do that along with the simple snoring exercises we just mentioned above.

These habit changes might be a bit more challenging than the exercises but are so healthy that you should adopt them anyway!

With further ado, here we go:

    • Try sleeping on your side
      Sleeping on your back makes you more prone to snoring. Try changing your sleep posture and sleep on your side.
    • Don’t drink alcohol before sleeping
      You are more likely to snore if you drink alcohol before bed.
    • Cut down on cigarettes
      The smoke you inhale irritates the inner linings of your throat, causes a build up of catarrh, and swelling of air passages.
  • Go on a diet to lose weight

If you are out of shape, then your muscles are too. Working out and going on a diet might help you permanently fix your snoring problem.

I really hope that these anti-snoring exercises and tips can help you or your loved one get quite, fulfilling sleep by fixing the annoying rumble in the room once and for all.

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Now go and get that good night’s sleep, you deserve it!