Perfect smiles with pearly white teeth is surely a dream for many. Who would not want to have that smile – the celebrity feel to show off at any gathering. But in reality, it is only a dream as many of us have seen our smiles go duller as our teeth become yellow.

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Although there are no serious health concerns for having yellow teeth. However, for some having yellow teeth can become a reason to restrict their smiles to a bare minimum – up to the point when they are too embarrassed to smile in front of people.

The result is that these people are hesitant to smile and become more and more self-conscious which can become a cause of mental health problems.

But why do our teeth go yellow?

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What causes your hair to fall out?

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In general tooth, discolouration can be divided into two main parts, extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic stains are the ones that affect the outer most layer of the teeth. And the reasons for that happening are the lifestyle choices we make. This includes smoking, drinking, coffee and chewing tobacco among other reasons.

The other form of teeth stains is intrinsic which occurs on the internal part. These stains can be caused by a variety of reasons which includes the consumption of antibiotics and other mouth wash products that we may use.

How do you avoid your teeth from going yellow?

What causes your hair to fall out?

Woman Wearing White Long-sleeved Shirt


The smart choice will be to watch what you eat and really modify our lifestyle choices which include limiting our drinking and giving up smoking, Another important aspect we can take care of is taking of dental hygiene.

Other ways you can keep your teeth pearly white is through the use of different teeth whiteners. Although these whiteners can help you get rid of teeth stains and everything else but all of these tooth whiteners involve different sort of chemicals. These chemicals might be the reason for other side effects.

Don’t believe me? Fluoride is HORRIBLE!

Ever wondered why you toothpaste says do not swallow? Most toothpaste these days have a high amount of fluoride in them which if swallowed can become a cause of reducing your brain cells. I am not talking about a catastrophic level because I am sure most of us have been swallowing toothpaste since a young age but it sure does have its consequences.

So what can be done to keep our teeth from going yellow?

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As a firm believer of natural solutions, I would say the use of miswaak can be the solution for our problems. Not only can it help to keep our teeth from going yellow but the health benefits of using miswaak are recorded and accepted worldwide.

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From strengthening the gums to preventing tooth decay – the benefits of using miswaak are endless and can be used to keep us healthy. But in times like these where technology is taking over, where can we find miswaak?

I am sure not all of you have a tree outside your house you can keep cutting away from? If you had to look for a source to getting miswaaks for yourself then the Miswak Gift Pack by Al-Khair is your source to go.

These miswaaks have done wonders for me as they are completely organic, easy to carry and need to toothpaste chemicals which have been yellowing up your teeth all your life.