Back from thousands of years, once worth more than Gold, Lapis Lazuli isn’t your everyday stone.

It merges a formidable bond between your mind and heart, it is said to give the wearer a path closer to their instincts and intuitions. Your inner voice.

It’s royal blue color has been one of the many factors of its fame, all coming from the presence of lazurite.

What can Lapis Lazuli do for you?

While it being one of the most sought out stones since the beginning of humans, it symbolizes power, spirit and vision. It is the universal symbol for wisdom and truth.

Have you had/have physical/emotional breakdowns? A disappointment in your efforts, a feeling that won’t go away? All those conventional methods of treatment have failed you, yet you are stuck.

Stone therapy has been around for thousands on top of thousands of years, and has worked magnificent wonders on people.

We are earthly beings, with our own unique vibrations, This sense of aura which projects our mental, physical, and spiritual state, all of which are affected positively by Lapis Lazuli.

Here are the Top 10 Healing properties of Lapis Lazuli

1. Physical healing

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Each gem stone has its own healing property, Lapis Luzuli’s focus is on easing pain, especially through migraines.It cleans organs, your bone barrow, boosts your immune system, helps purify blood, aids better sleeping, and lowers blood pressure. It reduces the effects of those infalmmatory diseases, relieves menstrual irregularity and cramping, even to the lower back.This blue mineral rock can help people with a wide range of physical issues, its benefits are versatile.

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2. Emotional Healing

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Lapis Lazuli can also be used to soothe your mind, it facilitates calm and loving communication. For those with ADHD (attention-deficit disorder), Lapis will enhance your learning.From an anger standpoint, Lapis boasts constructive self-expression, it improves friendship and social skills, you personal limitations are now easily recognizable, you now will know your path to personal growth.

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3. Spiritual Healing

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Lapis Lazuli is known for possessing spiritual healing properties that have been used to increase insight into spiritual vision, also known as opening the third eye (chakra).For those who become stressed out, lapis is known for its tranquility and serenity to its wearers, which in end helps you keep calm. It is accredited to have properties that help increase levels of concentration.

Spiritual enlightenment is one of the main attributes of Lapis Lazuli as it allows you to go deep within your spirits, which awakens your divine purpose. It enhances deep meditative states, it stimulates deep personal spiritual growth.

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4. Opens Throat Chakra

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We have 7 chakras spinning in circles throughout our body from our heads to our toes. They are what help maintain our 4 main balances of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Our throat chakra accounts for our daily communication, when the center becomes clogged, you begin to reach a stage where nothing works well for us, we are essentially unbalanced.

We begin to lie, unable to express ourselves for who we truly are, as if we are burdened with weight on our shoulders.

Lapis Lazuli will help you get your voice out of your body, the words jumbled up in your mouth, oh so waiting to be let out. Once your throat chakra is opened, you are able to bring your true personal self out to the world. An ease and flow of energy within you allows you to have free expression!

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5. Improves Your Mind Activity

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With time and age, our cognitive function begins to slow down. The number one cause for this being the toxins within the foods we are eating, from snacks, to fast foods, the chemicals begin to diminish our cognitive functions. Lapis is your new found focus-ant for studying, it improves your focus and concentration. By enhancing your creativity, you will be able to organize your daily life while amplifying your power of thinking.

By wearing Lapis around your neck or on your arm, you will notice new waves of beneficence properties throughout your being. It will stimulate an effect of higher faculties of your brain, this means you will be brought clarity and less of a cloudy mind

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6. Balances Energies

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