Hair Loss is a pretty common issue both genders face. Although men are prone to hair loss than woman with age. However, women are also know to face hair thinning issues. It’s nothing to be surprised about.

How to Naturally Stop Hairloss

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There can be a variety of reasons for hair loss which can range from something as simple as vitamin deficiency to something more serious which might be an underlying disease. Although hair loss does not have any serious health implications that can be catastrophic but going bald or having thin hair could have a demoralizing effect psychologically.

But why do we lose our hair?

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The reasons can be plenty. Your hair loss might be triggered by physical stress. What do I mean? Well your hair have a life cycle. Your hair grow, rest and then head into the shedding phase. However, this cycle can be disturbed by something as serious as a surgery, an accident or an illness that can lead to hair loss.

Another example of physical stress among women would be pregnancy. However, this is not the only reason you might be losing your hair. You might have too much Vitamin A that you might be taking through different supplements. Another reason that can be causing you to lose your hair is the lack of protein in our diets.

Among other reasons for hair loss, you may be able to look into emotional stress, weight loss and vitamin B deficiency. Finding out what is triggering your hair loss is really important in order for you to be able to prevent further damage and maybe even get healthier hair again.

The Cure?

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There are plenty of ways you will find that claim to have found the cure for hair loss. These hair loss treatments might include hair boosting shampoos, hair loss supplementation and all sorts of other medication that can cause more harm than good.

Mind that I have not yet gone into the surgical procedures that include hair transplants and PRP procedures that can be really expensive on the pocket.

So what should you do to prevent hair loss?

Well I believe that hair loss has a direct involvement with our digestion and what our body can get used to.  However, you can solve all these problems by starting using Colostrum D which can help solve your leaky gut problems and also reduce your hair loss.

In fact the antibodies found in Colostrum D obtained from healthy cows can even help grow back lost hair. However, there are many products out there that claim to be the right kind of colostrum.

The Real Solution

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But Colostrum D powder found here (link) is guaranteed to have the most impact because the colostrum is extracted from healthy approved cows while also the potent material is collected within the first 5-6 hours of giving birth which is known to be more beneficial in comparison to other type of colostrum that you might find out there in the market.

Known to restore and rejuvenate the GI tract that can help make you healthy and solve all your hair loss problems in a giffy.