Hair shedding is a natural part of everyday life. Normally a person with good, perfect, and healthy hair will still be losing 80-100 strands in a day and it would be completely normal. However, if you are shedding more than this, it can be a cause of serious concern.

But before we get into the details of discussing what might be triggering your hair loss, there are a few things you need to understand. There are two kinds of hair loss, genetic and reactive.

There is not much you can do if you are genetically predisposed for hair loss. But there are different measures that you can take to slow down the hair loss or hair thinning process. The other kind of hair loss is reactive which means that the excessive amount of hair you have been shedding is because of a trigger.

Now there can be many reasons behind these triggers which may be the direct cause for your hair loss. After carefully assessing all these triggers, I have come to the conclusion that there are 3 main triggers that are the leading cause for hair loss among people.

1 – Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance can be the source of many issues in your body which can include acne, weight gain and of course hair loss. If your hormones are not aligned with the health of your body that can lead to serious problems.

2 – Stress

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There is a lot of uncertainty around the fact that whether stress can be a reason behind hair loss. Well, let me clear the air by going ahead and saying that YES, excessive stress can be a reason for hair loss. How does it happen? Increased stress levels result in an increase of androgen levels which in return leads to loss of hair.

3 – Weight Loss

We all want to lose weight, all of us want to have a slim and lean body, sure, who would not like that and most people try almost everything to achieve their weight loss goals. What these people don’t realize is that some of these dramatic weight loss programs can have an adverse effect on your hair and may cause hair loss, like a lot of it.

Now you may have had hair loss issues for a while now and been trying on different things to slow it down or completely get rid of it. However, after trying for several weeks and seeing no improvements puts you back to square one.

So, Now What?

From trying hair remedies to taking on different products that claim to be the MIRACLE solution, you are not getting anywhere. To be fair, some of these solutions that you might have trusted to solve your problem may have worsened it more.

So how you get on top of this situation? How do you get your hands on a remedy that helps you out?

Here is how you can get your hands on the all-natural remedy to grow your hair faster.


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A lot of research has been done to understand how MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) can help to increase hair growth. As I said earlier that hair loss is a natural process and all of us are losing hair on a daily basis – it’s a cycle that keeps going. But you have to start worrying when your hair is not able to grow as fast as you are losing them. MSM helps to form bonds that are essentially important to strengthening and making your hair grow faster.

Now you must be wondering why would you need something artificially made to help you out?

Let me go ahead and explain, MSM is found naturally in our bodies and is responsible for producing collagen. When we have a deficiency of MSM in our bodies, we need to take more of it which can be found naturally in plants and other food items which includes coffee, tomatoes, apples, leafy green vegetables.

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