Easter is around the corner and you must be worried about your low carb diet plan. As it’s only you who is following a low carb keto diet, and not your whole family, what will you do? Well, you can win the game by trying these 5 Low carb Easter Dessert recipes for your holiday dinner.

The best thing about these recipes is that they are rich in taste and full of flavours that your friends and family will fall in love and never get to know that these are low carb dishes and good for them!

Get ready to rock this easter!

The Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Pops

Simple to make with just 5 ingredients and only 1 gram of net carb per pop. The main reason to make this ketogenic dessert on this easter.

These peanut butter pops are completely delicious – every person, including the children, will love them. They are truly a healthier option for an Easter dessert.

Make dead sure that you’re using purely natural, unsweetened peanut butter. Otherwise, you‘ll be consuming a bunch of sugar per pop.

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Delicious Chocolate Cranberry Easter Pie

This artificially sweet Easter pie is a perfect combo of dark chocolate and bitter cranberries. Including both the filling and the crust, it only has seven ingredients to speak of!

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Crunchy Keto Berry Easter mousse

Whip up amazing tastiness with this creamy and creative easter mousse. It’s low carb and so simple to make that you can throw it together in the evening and wow everyone in dinner. With the crunch of pecans, plus the berries in the mix and a touch of lemon zest, everyone in your family will appreciate the festive treat!

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Easter No-Bake Cookie Nests

Kids love eating cookies, especially if they are fun cookies. Simple to make, all you have to make a dark chocolate cookie base and finally nest it with shredded coconut and make it look a bit attractive so that the little ones in your family do not even realise that these dessert cookies are actually healthy.

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Easter Special Low Carb Chocolate Ice Cream

If you love ice cream more than anything in the world than this keto ice cream will satisfy all your Easter dessert cravings.

However, it is typically low-carb and sugar-free, which means you can eat it without feeling guilty.

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