Game of Thrones is one of the most popular series these days. Every Sunday you want you to stick with your comfy couch, eyes glued to HBO, to watch all-new season of Games of Throne. You‘re definitely going to need some fuel to get through all the twists and thrills. So bring out the wine goblets and make a meal that’s fit for the iron throne with these delicious Game of Thrones Sunday night recipes.

#1 – Seared Duck Breast Glazed Potato Recipe:

Don’t be afraid of cooking a Seared Duck Breast. It’s quite juicy and delicious. Served with Glazed sweet potatoes and crisp apples, it cooks in only 60 minutes and is delicious enough that you’ll forget about conquering the seven kingdoms.

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#2 –  White Walker Shots

To watch such a deadly show, you need a lot of courage. This dessert shot helps you get mentally prepared for the most epic war scenes! It’s easy to make yet worth drinking. I bet you’ll fall in love with this amazing Game of Thrones white walker shot.

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#3 – Crispy Chicken Pops

Nothing can beat chicken pops dipped in bloody ketchup. These crispy and spicy pops will make your Thrones session more exciting, and yummier. The secret for better taste lies in better cuts. You can make this for yourself in less than 30 minutes!

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#4 – Pesto Flatbread Cheezy Pizza

Any Thrones night is incomplete without sharing a pizza, so here is a simple yet delicious flatbread pizza ideal for every Sunday night. All you need is bread, your favorite topping, cheese, and pesto to bake this. Enjoy watching the war of seven kingdoms with a delicious slice.

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