If a research was to be conducted, it could easily be concluded that there is an equal number of people in the world who want to lose weight and people who want to actually gain weight.

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Yes, there are people out there who want to gain weight and are actually struggling to do so. Sounds ridiculous right? I mean all you have to do is actually start eating more and you will gain weight.

Well, let me tell you that is not how a human body works and mastering the calorie equation is easier said than done. But why does it not seem to work for so many people who want to actually gain weight?

The idea of eating junk food, fast food, and processed food to gain weight sure does sound great but it won’t work. Sure, you might gain a lot of fat in the waist area but this is not as healthy as these kinds of food lack the nutritional value needed to actually gain healthy weight.

Let me explain, these foods might be rich in carbs and all that other stuff but there is not enough protein which is absolutely necessary for gaining weight. You cannot have the best of both worlds. Either you can focus on nutrition or you can focus on eating all this food which is not good for your health.

Another common reason I believe that people are not gaining weight that they are eating the wrong foods. This does take me back to my original point however, I do want to compliment this by adding that in order to gain weight, we should be eating the right foods on a consistent basis.

What do I mean?

Eating healthy daily three times a day? No. Absolutely No. Eating healthy is important yes, however, in order to gain healthy weight there needs to be a balance of your diet divided all throughout the day preferably over the course of 6 small portion meals which are not only meant to keep your snacking at bay but also provide you with nutritional value and protein.

Another important thing that you can do is rely on different protein shakes to help cope up with your bodies requirement for healthy protein. But who decided which proteins are healthy?

The answer is to avoid genetically modified sources of protein. What do I mean? What I mean is that you cannot just go pick up any protein supplement or diet without verifying if the ingredients are genetically modified or not.

Why should you do that?

There are many health hazards of genetically modified foods which include stomach inflammation, live damage, kidney damage, and effect on other organs likes your intestines.
But then what should be done for healthy protein supplementation? Well, the focus should be on NON-GMO protein sources which are actually vetted for. Because the actual purpose of protein supplements is to help you recover faster from the workouts or cope with the lack of protein in your diet. And having a NON-GMO source solves all your problems with its nutritional value and its effects on your overall fitness.

If I had to recommend a source of Organic-Plant based protein supplementation, I would recommend this.


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Because this purely inspired organic protein is fully plant based. With their commitment to purely organic ingrdients, this tasty shake is the perfect nutrition without all the junk inside.