Small bedrooms are very unique, from there difficulty to design and decorate to their one of a kind design. Just because you may have a smaller room, doesn’t mean you can’t play around with it to make your bedroom look bigger.

This timeless question of how to make my bedroom look bigger is finally solved, below are the top decor necessities to make your room look bigger NOW!


The infamous secret, this is more than just a bedroom hack, it is an illusion. Each bedroom needs at least 1 full length mirror. They fool the eyes into think the room is bigger. T Hey reflect the view, which is what tricks the eye.

I recommend a vanity mirror for yourself and the close ups, while on the other hand the full length mirror for your full body selfies. However they also work to make your room bigger, your win win situation.

The Thinner the better

You want think details for your room, furniture with legs, lamps with long necks and length! The thinner your room looks, the more space you actually have.

If you had drapes and rugs everywhere, you room will look full, and thick which completely defeats the purpose.

By emphasizing the vertical, whether it being a tall shelf, to a hanging lap, this element will increase the sense of openness. It enhances that great feeling of flow and movement.

The details

The details of your room is what puts it together, it is the glue to piece it towards that new open quality.

Here are some prime examples of details you need to implement into your room to make it look bigger.

Floating Bookshelves

The floating bookshelf is taking the world by a storm, instead of a bulky shelf from top to bottom, this completely adds new space and boasts the room with its own unique personality. It adds character and it doesn’t take up space at all. For those avid readers, or the ones who just have books in their room, this is a great decor detail that is minimalist in space!

Sheer curtains


You want your room to feel airy instead of heavy drapes. Getting drapes that make the room feel like the summer breeze is coming into your window, that feeling of freedom and breathable area is what you get from light curtains. It makes your room feel much more airy and alive.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog! Feel free to pin the top images onto your favorite boards! Let me know in the comment section below about what you think about each product and if you think it can open up your bedroom!