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If an example had to be given in the literal terms I would say, the decor of any room decides what kind of a personality the room is going to have. Sure, there is a personal element involved with different people having different tastes and likings which might vary but the decor you choose is going to be a reflection of your personality.

Some of us might like to have dark decor that plays an impact on what our personality represents while some of us would like to have brightened spaced out rooms that given off an aura of a cheerful person.

A lot of these choices in terms of decor depend on the kind of person we are. However, who would not want to take a look at some really cool ideas to add more decor features to their rooms.

So without any further waiting, let’s get on to the really cool ideas that you can use to give your room a completely new look and feel.

Idea 1 – Wall Mounted Study Table

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All of us know that spacing is everything. Not all of us have a mansion of a house with a big room to show off. So in our small rooms that are cramped for space a wall decal mounted on one side with a chair seems like a really cool idea to make a study table for yourself. You can use this table to read, to work – that is up to you.

Idea 2 – Neon Sign

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Neon is cool, neon is the thang when it comes to really giving your room a really cool look and feel. The sign could be a simple hello or even say no smoking for that matter but having a neon sign in your room is a really neat decor trick that you can use.

Idea 3 –  Adding Poms Poms To Your Blanket

Brown Wooden Center Table

Just think about it for a second – if you had poms poms, really playful ones added to your blanket ends, it would bring an extra touch of playfulness to your room. Also it would add an additional touch to your bed decor.

Idea 4 – Printed Fabric Pillows and Cushions

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No room is complete without cushions and pillows. But what if these pillows and cushions had a personal touch to them if they were printed with your favorite heroes or even following the different color schemes you have chosen for your room.

Idea 5 – Decorated Curtains

Black Fabric Sofa Near Round White Table

Another cool idea that you can use to really take your decor to the next level is by having custom decorated curtains in your room. Like for example, if you were to have wooden tiles in your room – you should have wood printed curtains. If you were to have other decor then custom cut ribbon decor should be used to match the color schemes.

Now all of these ideas might seem wonderful to you and yes they are great. However, all of the decor tricks are nothing if you do not have the bigger picture in mind. You need to think of the overall look you have in your room before choosing the kind of decor you are going to have. Similarly, the color scheme of these decor items also has to match the furniture and other items you already have in your room to create a bigger impact and not just have stand alone cool things put together.