Elon Musk’s not so ‘Boring’ Company has just announced that on Dec. 10th, 2018. To tease the future, Musk has offered free rides to visitors on the following day, for his proof-of-concept.

This high-speed tunnel beneath L.A can carry from 8-16 passengers each or a single car. He says the ride on the tunnels in the future will be $1.

After his tweets on Sunday night. The billionaire entrepreneur tweeted that his indrastructure tunnel – The Boring Company, founded by him in 2016, is almost finished with it’s initial project.

About a month back, Musk stated that the Boring Company begun as a “Joke”, but later turning out to be a hobby, and now he plans to expand tunnels to other cities.

This clearly excited his 23 million followers. The way Musk describes his system as a “Loop”
As a “High-speedunderground public transportation system in which passengers are transported on autonomous electric skates traveling at 125-150 miles per hour,”

We all know this project by Elon Musk was holding this project a little more secretive. But there is no doubt that Musk’s ‘hobby’ company is more than likely going to stop one of the biggest headaches around the world.


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According to the Boring Company’s Website, the tunnel runs from SpaceX’s parking lot east of Crenshaw Blvd and South of 120th Street, and turns west under 120th Street, to remain underground the 120th for 2 miles.
So, what is next for this billionaire tycoon?

Besides going to space, “solving the problem of soul-destroying traffic,”, and autonomizing the vehicle industry with electric cars/trucks, his future aims for something bigger.

Musk aims to enable this ultra high-speed transit through the use of pod-and-tube systems of transportation. Also known as the Hyperloop.

It will be able to move not only cars, but people too without wind resistance, reaching speeds of faster than 600mph.

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From my standpoint, although the critics of Musk have been using the phrase “Elon Time”, any person willing to follow their own goals and dreams, while challenging the status quo to this degree, is able to take a little more time than their estimated time of arrival. Why? Because of the unexpected, with such a massive promise, for something with this amount of hype in the world, there are positive and negative energies flowing through the air. The universe works in divine timing, when his work is finally launched successfully, it happened at the perfect time for a reason. A huge breakthrough could have taken place.

These patient moments will be worth it.

I would love you discussions in the comment section below. I have provided this article of facts to you guys because I want to see what you all have to say about Elon Musk’s Boring Company. Is it worth it? Do you see any potential problems? How else can Elon Musk innovate this from here.