Winter is here!

Staying warm during Winter can often be a struggle, this Christmas never worry about being cold again. Hot chocolate is the pinnacle of winter. Why do I say this? Well, think about that warm, cup and that first sweet spit. You feel your entire body warming up and your smile growing.

My family and I always have our own warm winter drinks every year, we choose between the best and every Friday we call out “WW Days”.

Yup, The Warm Winter Days. So, after years of our tradition, we were able to list out our greatest 7 homemade beverages will guarantee to keep you warm and happy!



By: My Name is Yeh

A well blended mix of tahini and hot chocolate is perfect for the winter! Not only does it give off that winter vibe, this picture says a thousand words. It tell a story, following through with the specific feel of a winter-y night in front of the fire place.

Mixed with your favorite dessert, or as your late night drink this can be one of your top family get away drinks .



Hot Buttered Rum image


By: The Kitchen is my Playground

Buttered Rum makes me warm and happy just by thinking of it! If you are lke myself, you probably hate the cold weather, do not worry, there are possible solutions to keep you warm and cozy this winter


Gingerbread Latte - skip a trip to the coffee shop and make your own decadence in a mug right in your slow cooker!

By: Simply Stacie

Treat yourself this winter with this tasty drink! Nothing says holidays like gingerbread, right?

Well, actuality no, mix gingerbread with a nice toasty drink and you have the formula for the perfect winter holiday seasons. This recipe is focused ona special treat, its divine mix of a latte inside of your slow cooker makes the perfect home-made warm drink recipe. Goodbye Starbucks, say hello to your kitchen!


By: Kitchn

Buying a pumpkin spice latte from stores isn’t worth it, why not make your own! What is the holiday season without a little bit of sweets in your system? In the mornings, espically the cold ones we experience here in Canada, coffee is a must. Sometimes the coffee flavor isn’t enough, why not have your flavored latte?

Luckily, this massive batch of pumpkin spice latte won’t require any type of espresso, its your sip towards sweet perfection.

Rather if you want to brew it strong, include espresso shots or completely change the basis foundation, you are in the power here, it is your warm drink. Welcome this chilly season with a warm storm.





By: The Foodie Teen

Taking a healthy alternative with this warm drink, be healthy and happy! I mean, don’t get me wrong, you can get all snug up in your blanket and start watching your favorite show on Netflix, but something is missing from this equation without a doubt. A nice warm drink to keep your insides toasty.

Talk about the complete aesthetic of this drink, with hot, scrumptious almond milk in this chai latte, it will only take you a matter of minutes to create it. How?

Well the ingredients are simple to create, even from scratch. In The Foodie Teens blog, your will find a cheat sheet version of prep for this delicious recipe.


By: Joy Food Sunshine

Look at this elegant drink, my mouth is watering just by looking at it! This is a wild one for all you peanut butter lovers…

Oh, this isn’t only it, it is also dairy-free, made without gluten, and oh ya, VEGAN!

Within a 10-minute span your recipe can be completed with love and quality. Holding your warm cup of peanut butter hot chocolate is rich as a creamy sweet treat. With a total of 7 ingredients, this healthy cup of hot cocoa can be your new favorite warm drink recipe.


This turmeric spiced hot cocoa is a healthy coffee drink to warm you up this holiday season

By: Healthy Aperture 

Everyone knows the benefits of turmeric, now putting it in your coffee will make it even more tastier! Many mugs later, we have reached the final one on our list.  Where else would you find delicious recipes like this one? Netflix? Oh no. Healthy aperture is your new recipe site for the top turmeric mocha hot chocolate.

This is not only to keep your taste buds dancing, but this has a healthy twist to it. A cozy drink during your holiday season is necessary to keep you warmer than ever.