Recently many fans of The Simpsons including myself, have noticed the disappearance of a certain character that has been in The Simpsons almost since the beginning.

Many are almost certain as to why he hasn’t been featured in any of the recent episodes. The Simpsons has been under fire for the last few months for one of their most iconic character, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.

Most of the fans have seen this coming for a while. With society becoming more sensitive than ever before, it would become obvious that characters generalized by race would be seen as foul and shunned by society. Many old fans as well as people who do not watch The Simpsons think that Apu should stay since he is such an iconic character. Many other people believe that Apu needs to be completely removed due to the blatant racism as he is generalization Indians. But does Apu deserve to be removed? Let’s explore both sides to this debate.

Why shouldn’t Apu be removed?


Old time fans of The Simpsons and even people who don’t regularly watch the show believe that Apu should be able to stay in The Simpsons. One large reason for him to not be removed is that Apu is an iconic character. Ever since 1990 when he was first introduced to the show he was a hit, no one had a problem with him and it should be kept at that. The Simpsons started in and era were making slight stereotypical jokes were fine, not many shunned them and many found that funny, even if their race was being stereotyped. Many also believe he should be able to stay but the more stereotypical side of him should be completely removed from the show, that way Apu doesn’t have to be removed from the show.

Why should Apu be removed?

« Les Simpsons » répondent aux accusations de racisme envers Apu

Since society is becoming more sensitive to racism and stereotypes the fire only grows larger. Apu is clearly seen as an Generalized Indian Male, which is shunned in today’s society. This one character often speaks for the creators as they will be seen as racist, and if he is kept the show will only die out from the amount of backlash they’ll get. The fact that Apu is basically a running joke because he is Indian is probably the biggest argument as to why he should be removed.

Does the character Apu deserve to get this much backlash. Do you think he should be permanently taken out or do you think he should stay in the show so that The Simpsons can stay true to their roots. Let us know what you think should happen to Apu. Comment and express your opinion to us and many others!